Monday, July 31, 2006

So, let's recap now...

In this show --as well as in my previous show, "One-Man Sleeper Cell"-- I have destroyed:

1. The Supreme Leader of Cucka Land.
2. Chief Legal Sophist Alberto Gonzalez.
3. The Flying Car People. Who are in cahoots...with...The AstroGenital Brigade!
4. The Pathos Protection League.
5. The Holocaust(R) Industry.
6. The 9-11 inside job.
7. The Foxman News Channel.
8. The word "anti-semite" ("You're just a filthy ContraMe!")
9. The FakeState of Israel.
10. The Cucka People. well as lesser entities that somehow thought they figured into things.

In each case I have appropriated their power as my own, as the spoils of war.

I am very close to shutting down The Great Hahperdidah Wars.

I now move on to my next target:


You worship wrong god. You not know chaos theory good. You no listen to me earlier. Me attack across time. Your boss real target of my boss. Don't get in way...