Monday, July 31, 2006

No one take the bait.

Israel has masters, too. Oh, the Jews don't actually run anything... You watch too much TV. The Jews are useful idiots is all. Tell them that people will think they're the best, and they'll do anything.

"Your big nose is pretty. Here, put this cucka on you."

"OK! ...What next?"

Israel's role is to start an enormous war, the aftermath of which may be used by Israel's masters to reconstruct the world according to their plan. It's always been this way. It had nothing to do with some homeland, you big silly. That was the marketing.

Is it a grand, nefarious, cosmic plan? It's about making money. And accruing power. That's all. Kind of hum-drum. But you certainly won't like it.

Don't anyone get sucked into Israel's continued provocations.

Israel now is morally dead. Its political death will come soon its own hand.

And we'll all get crunk and have cookouts and sing songs.

Their god didn't say that Palestine belonged to the Jews. Their god said that Israel would be established after the Messianic Redemption. ...And guess what sure hasn't happened yet... I can't conceive of any people more in _need_ of redemption than the Jews. This kind of implies that the time is not yet right for the true Israel.

What you see over there is not the true Israel; it's an abomination. It's a fake. Let it destroy itself. Don't let it destroy you.

You will want a guide...