Sunday, July 30, 2006

Donald is smarter than we thought.

The reason why Donald Rumsfeld seems "literally in a parallel universe and slightly deranged" is because he knows full well that the jig is up. Israel's moral standing for existence is completely gone, his hubristic adventure in the Middle East is a disgusting horror show, the 9-11 inside job is now common knowledge among those who follow such things, and he knows it's only a matter of time before he swings.

You'd seem distracted, too.

Get ready for all hell to break loose as these criminals try to get out of their just punishment. They will attempt to move the levers of power to forestall their fate. They will employ any pretext.

You, dear reader, have you chosen wisely? Donald and George and Allie and Dick now understand that the plan all along was to sacrifice them. Their bosses' plans have worked out well. What you see now is no mistake; this was planned: The dissolution of the United States as an impediment to someone's global power play. It will come with a price, however: The public's embrace of the dialectical solution will be achieved only by those men's executions. Still on board? Whistle a happy tune and sidle away...

And you, decent American, familiarize yourself with the concept of lawful government and the moral authority with which you may lawfully repulse that which masquerades as it. The finest minds, both past and future, will applaud you. But don't look to your contemporaries for approval; they're too busy watching television to know what's real...much less to know what's right.