Thursday, December 06, 2007

Executive branch officers and employees :

You will need to politically neutralize the President, the Vice President, the Attorney General, and Homeland Security Secretary.

They have lost. They will attempt to flip over the chessboard by some police crackdown. They will nakedly just round people up and declare exigent circumstances.

Neutralize these individuals by assembling evidence of Israeli involvement in 9-11. Then you will obstruct any orders issued by those individuals. (Lose paperwork, misroute orders, decline to execute orders, etc.) You will not face reprisals because you will raise the stakes: You will threaten to go public with your evidence.

The mop-up is underway. It is an extremely simple and straightforward operation if everyone is on the same page.

State Governments: Be prepared to ignore all instructions from Washington. Be prepared to arrest federal agents in your territories.

Federal Law Enforcement: Identify all Jews with Israeli citizenship who work in the federal government. Be prepared to arrest them.

United States Military: Be prepared to decapitate the Israeli government. Eliminate any Israeli influence in your operations. Identify all Jews in the Pentagon who hold dual citizenship with Israel. Be prepared to arrest them.

This is an extra-legal situation and it requires devising your own rules. Let your conscience and your oath of office guide you. Your actions will stand in their own defense.