Friday, November 02, 2007

The Radio Thing Again

As a consequence of the inability of the firefighters' antiquated radios to receive police broadcasts, firefighters in the North Tower never received an alert from an NYPD helicopter that the building was in danger of collapse, and remained in place while police officers evacuated. The building's collapse killed 121 firefighters.


Don't forget: No steel-framed building had ever before collapsed from fire. Therefore, no one in any helicopter would have had reason to believe that the building would collapse. Someone in a helicopter would have had equal reason to believe that Space Monkeys would dance and Sunflowers would sprout from the building. The faulty-radio thing is a useful cover for the real reason the fire fighters were not warned: They were part of the larger human sacrifice that day.

So the fire department's radios didn't interoperate with the police department's. Big deal. You're telling me that there was no one on the ground with a fire department radio who could have sent the warning?

It doesn't matter if you believe in Satan, because plenty do. ...And they have entire texts to guide their behavior...