Friday, October 06, 2006

Republican = Dead Man Walking

The Republicans' days in power are over. This is plainly evident.

This will come to pass, along with trials and executions, unless the Republicans retain power.

They can't rig the elections this time, because a rigging sufficient to overcome their disfavor would be statistically plainly visible in exit polls.

Be mindful of who might benefit from "terrorist" acts, especially one that might kill large numbers of Americans.

In that case, you would benefit by closely examining Republicans and Jews.

Should the legal mechanisms of the United States be brought to bear against the citizenry, you have the moral authority to defend yourself using all most minimally effective means. (This includes lethal force, in the event that lesser methods do not secure your physical safety.)

You are entering a dangerous no-man's-land of politics, but it is one that can be safely negotiated to a return to the rule of law. In this no-man's-land, you alone are responsible for your physical safety.