Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Pathos Protection League is at it again.

"Tony Judt Speech Shut Down by ADL"


Abe, am I going to have to pull your pants down and spank you again?

Who's Tony Judt? Don't know.

What was he going to talk about? Don't know. Don't care. Might have liked to find out, though.


The Pathos Protection League is the boo hoo chorus of the whole, "Can we have these mineral rights, er, I mean, our ancestral homeland over here?" crowd.

"Trot out those rotted corpses, their memories be damned!"

And did this event actually happen? Don't know. But it's the ADL's M.O.

Can't talk now, I guess. That's Jews for you.

I don't think Abe understands that it's now a liability to have one's Jewishness known. You're yesterday's news.