Friday, September 29, 2006

I will work for Comedy Central for one hundred thousand dollars per year.

But it has to be done in Vermont. I've tried the New York thing. It didn't work for me. Not to mention that I enjoy answering the door with a Glock on my belt.

And until I get sick of this arrangement, not to be less than some reasonable amount of product. And I retain complete creative control.

This offer stands for five business days --after which it will be targeted to all other networks, and to the exclusion of Comedy Central.

I propose that we do a weekend show. Fri-Sun. There is too much important stuff happening on the weekends that is not being covered.

I will be marketing my offensiveness this way: "Jesus H. Christ...[shaking head]" "Jesus H. Christ is right! As a matter of fact..." It's a winner. (Unless such marketing should no longer be necessary at that time. Point is, we can explain away whatever perceived liability. It's a simple marketing issue.)

Any interested parties may contact me at .