Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hey, Liberal Types!

So, uh...had enough of government yet? I dare say that you seem...cured!

The same legal mechanisms that you would allow for the purpose of student loans and handicapped parking privileges and HappyTimeNicenessPrograms were used to erect the government of your nightmares. Der.

You can't very well switch parties; they're both the same. Yours is a party of lining your own pockets. Theirs is a party of lining their pockets. I'd really rather that all you fuckers just stop trying to line your pockets at gunpoint.

Right about now I think that the only hope for human liberty is no government at all. One of the few valid arguments in favor of the state is the economies of scale of mutual defense. (Of rights, not safety, I must point out...) But with modern technology, the cost of defending one's rights is very low: Guns are inexpensive, private security can be hired cheaply, and information and communications costs are low. Since that is the case, then the argument for the economies of scale of mutual defense is made meaningless. This is especially true when considering that one neighbor can still pledge to defend another.

So who needs government? Not me. Not you. The only people who need government are the ones who want to steal your money, your property, and your freedom.

And if that's you, then know that I've had about enough of your wars, your AssBananas, and your shakedowns.