Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Diagnosis Government

Hello, Future People... you know who you are... those residing in protemporal frames, those for whom I catalogue my host society's follies. You remember me; I had beautiful hair and I was widely regarded in my time for my wit and my social value at parties: I never ever talked crazy talk. I talked about money and movies and teevee and sports and my new car.

Here is something you will want to keep in mind as you labor to understand just how this society was divested of its money, property, freedom, and dignity:

They were a bunch of fuckin idiots.

Sure, I could detail for you a list of minor public policy failures that some would argue caused economic or social distortions, but my back-of-the-matchbook analysis is this: Democracy is retards weighing in on matters.

Please bear with me; both hyperbole and understatement are essential elements of humor. The truths contained therein are not to be dismissed as mere entertainment, however.

I read in the "news"paper yesterday that the public believe that we've reached a turning point in the Great Hahperdidah Wars because someone by the name of al-Zarqawi finally got killed. Approval of the prosecution of these wars has risen from thirty to forty percent or whatever. Pay no nevermind that The al-Zarqawi already had been killed several times and/or de-legged and had had rhinoplasty or a tummy tuck at the expense of his alleged host, The SaddamHussein. They had conspired to airdrop plutonium-laced nasal inhalers over the retirement communities of HappyTimeFreedomGoodnessLand, don't you know. That's what all the AssBananas and EarIntestines were about. So quit your complaining.

You're not going to want to solicit the average person's opinion on anything. It's not that they're bad people, just that they're not well suited to...sophisticated...thought.

The Great Hahperdidah Wars --which were designed by their architects to lead to the economic, political, and moral dissolution of the residents of HappyTimeFreedomGoodnessLand-- were launched because some planes flew into some buildings. Again, pay no nevermind that the official account of how those buildings blowed up and fell right down cannot be true in a universe where the principles of Newtonian physics on large bodies prevail. But that Newton guy was a weirdo anyways...

Should you choose to have a government --which is, in my opinion, highly inadvisable-- you will not want to have people, you know, voting or anything. Why, in my time, some looked under rocks for anyone who might be convinced to offer a public policy opinion. We even had a "motor voter" law whereby you could register to vote simply by renewing your driver's license! (You probably have flying cars by now, lucky you. We just have the regular ones.) But anyhow, this was just the shake-the-bushes, get-out-the-dummy vote. "Yes, miss single mother of three, on public've done so well with your own life, now you're going to...weigh in on matters! Pray tell...whatever do you think?"

Allowing yourselves an apparatus of force that is guided by the whims of those unsophisticated in the wily ways of would-be slavemasters is extremely unwise. Manipulating the levers of power of your government thus becomes a simple exercise in fooling most of the voters. And if most of your voters are fools, why, then you can see how easy it might be to steal your government from you. And when they have your government, stealing your money and freedom is a simple matter of instructing the government employees to go get it. They'll be happy to; their paychecks depend on it.

Yeah. So you're not going to want to solicit the opinion of the lady next door with that stunning 12-point Diamelle(R) bracelet that she was lucky enough to buy on that shopping channel before the countdown timer ran out and they plum ran out of them to sell. Nope. Let her live under the wisdom of your laws, by all means. And treat her well, as your system of virtuous government would dictate. Tip your hat to her on the street and bid her good day. But don't you ever ask her whatever does she think; her opinion will be shaped by what she has seen on her favorite television channel, which is financed by those who wish to enslave you and steal your money.

And you won't want even smart people voting, either. They're usually not as bright as they think they are. You can sell them the same soap powder, you just have to punch up the sales pitch with bigger words and put it on a different channel. Make it sound all smart and stuff and they'll buy it. Appeal to their intellect and flatter them. It's quite simple, really.

Though the sales pitch to the smart ones and the dumb ones may differ in the number of big-sounding words or big-titted saleswomen with inviting...mouths, the inducement is still the same: Get yerself some free money, courtesy of government. "You owe it to yourself! Er, we mean, all those other people owe it to...your...self." The dumb ones want free money for more beer and lottery tickets and race car driving, and the smart ones want free money for their pet niceness project or spreading Democracy or something which, you now see, isn't such a great idea after all: It caused the Great Hahperdidah Wars.

And this free money is to come at someone else's expense...whoever they extort it from at the barrel of a gun. But of course, in the end, no one really gets more lottery tickets or beer or better health care or human dignity or whatever... All you have is more and more guys running around with guns shoving bananas up your ass while you can't even afford to have a tooth filled.

And that was the plan all the HyperSmart people. You need to watch out for those HyperSmart types... They can make you build your own cage, step inside, and close the door on yourselves. All from the comfort of their easy chairs.

Very few HyperSmart people exist. And you are most likely not one of them. And if you are, then you're probably an instrument of evil. That is more common. Total 3-space control is seductive, isn't it? You could be using your smarts for good, but you don't find that as...flattering. So you, too, have bought somebody's sales pitch. Silly goose. Punched up the sales pitch for an audience with higher computational power is all the salesman did...but it's still a breathtaking 12-point Diamelle(R) bracelet.

So the point is, you're not going to want to allow any mechanism by which the HyperSmart can enslave you.

But you want social order. If there's people running around stealing stuff and raping everybody, then you're going to clamor for somebody to protect you. That is mistake number one. Thereafter, all manner of bad things may be sold to you couched in "protection" terms. And you will be guaranteeing yourselves more bombs and "terror," as the HyperSmart frighten you into demanding more protection. "We're defending you from the AstroGenital Brigade! Give us some money and let us use your army to bomb the shit out of some place where the people don't want to give us money..." Or, "We're protecting you from the evil scourges of those drugs that...we can't patent! Here: Eat this toxic medicine instead. And here's an overpriced health-insurance plan you can buy from us when you get sick from eating that poisonous crap. Don't forget to wear your seatbelt; we like to minimize claims, after all. And do what we say or we'll put you in jail. Click it or ticket, don't you know."

If you grant someone the moral authority to defend you, they will enslave you by contriving events such that you will demand that they defend you right into your prison cell. It's pretty simple, really. It's what I would do... And at the end of the day I have to propose that I'm not even all that smart; my cell phone got shut off again yesterday, after all. I thought I had paid that bill... So if I've thought of it, you can rest assured that someone else has, too.

So here's how you maintain order and avoid enslavement: You all must live by some most basic set of laws that guarantees an orderly society, but which set of laws cannot enslave you. You would want laws against stealing and raping and murdering and being a general jerk.

What set of laws might that be? Hmmm...[looking around, dusting off those old-fashioned books and whatnot] Lookee here: Here's a prepackaged set of laws that seems like it might fit the bill: In the culture of which I am allegedly a member, it is called the Ten Commandments. I would imagine that every culture has a similar set of fundamental laws, those laws which compel nothing but the peaceful coexistence of the members of that society, the laws which demand nothing else, the laws which allow humanity to flourish while denying to the HyperSmart the means to enslave you.

Every culture has a similar set of laws, because this code is a timeless part of the peaceful behavior of all beings. But it is rarely followed, discarded in favor of sexier forms of governance by those who are too busy fingering their rosary beads to recall the very purpose of Law. I can't fathom any people less capable of perceiving the word of God than your contemporary religious types. They're intent on making the world safe for AssBanana at a time. I hope they don't think they're going to "Heaven" or something. [Hee hee. Oh, whoops --wrong laugh. This is the sardonic one: Har Har!]

This code is one part of a gift to the members of its recipient culture, and is communicated in the terms and language of the day by those who have the ability and desire to deliver it. The other part is a conceptual model of who you are, where you come from, and where you live.

So here you go...yet again. Listen up.

This physical place where you live? This place where you can stub your toe and rap your knuckles on things? This isn't..."where it's at." Succinctly put, you are living inside a set of interacting matrices of information. You are living inside what you may call "God." This "Field," as I informally call it, is the source of everything. It is timeless; it contains only one moment. It has no future and no past. Both the first and the last exist simultaneously... Your notion of the movement of "time" is merely a perceptual convenience. The beauty of The Field will not be circumscribed by your...charming...estimation of it.

You cannot know the logic of The Field. Its behavior is perfectly, economically rational. As the number of its informational points is beyond your ability to comprehend them, its mind is inscrutable to you. You cannot understand its ways. You can only have faith that its economically rational movement of information is for the best.

Reality has been abstracted by earlier minds as, say, shadows on a wall. This is correct, insofar as the terms of the day permitted its description. This shadow metaphor is a conceptual model of an underlying reality.

Physics and mathematics have advanced, allowing an updated conceptual model. You do live in a world of "shadows," or echoes, much like on a blurry, indistinct radar display. One reference wave impinges upon another target wave. You send out one reference wave and it "reflects" off the target wave. The picture you see is the resulting "reality." But the underlying reality is far more detailed and richer --experienced by you as more detailed and more rich depending only on the fineness of your reference wave...of your conceptual model.

What you witness in your daily life as "physical reality" is a collective, conceptual model of the informational "currents" in this sea of energy known as The Field. What you witness in your daily life is the result of your collective "reference wave." Change the nature of that reference wave, and you change reality...

In nineteenth-century reality, air travel was not possible. It truly was not even theoretically possible. It was not theoretically possible until someone invented the airplane. (Or, more precisely, until someone invented the informational concept of the airplane. Riveting some steel together to make the thing was a simple matter of implementing it.)

"Well that seems obvious, Chris, you big dummy. You're making more out of this than necessary. Of course air travel wasn't possible until air travel was invented." No... There's more to this than you think. Air travel was not even a theoretical possibility in that reality until an informational link bridged air travel with non-air travel. With this new conceptual model, the very fabric of reality changed.

You could have hyper...dimensional...awesomeness travel as soon as you make an informational link to it. And I know this appears to be an elaborate restatement of the obvious. But there is more here than meets the eye. What I'm getting at is that reality changes at the behest of a mere thought. And when those thoughts create an informational bridge between the present reality and the desired reality, then that desired reality winks into existence.

You have been engineering reality all along. It's just that you didn't know how you were doing it.

You engineer reality by creating an informational "thought bridge" between the present reality and the desired future reality. Now... if someone can fool you into an inaccurate appreciation of what is "real," and if that person can convince you to desire a certain reality, then they can "hijack" your ability to create a reality. They can use you to create a reality of their choosing. So you're like a draft horse.

Something appears to be using your species to create a reality. (This "something" is either just a garden-variety bunch of unsavory people, or it could be an entirely different life form. I'm not sure.) And this reality is not good for you. The popular media are used to convince you of the present "reality," which is not real. In media, the advertiser calls the shots. Controlling the media and, thus, the popular conception of reality, is not at all difficult.

In general, you are not going to want to watch television. Very, very bad... All critical thinking abilities go right out the window with that machine... And be very careful with newspapers.

You don't want someone telling you what is real, because that is one half of the equation of engineering a reality. The proffered present reality is not real. No one's out to get you. You don't need the protection of those who would protect you right into your yoke.

Getting your information from the internet is a good idea, because everyone's costs of publication are equally low; you don't have to support the cost of a movable-type printing press with ad revenue. It's extremely difficult to monopolize internet publishing in the marketplace. That's why the monopolists are attempting to use government to forcibly erect preferential thoroughfares for information on the internet. Bad idea. Because after a while, the "non-preferred" channels on the internet will be advertised to be full of terrorists or YuckyMen or something, and they will be shut down by your "protective" government. And then no more free movement of information... You'll be back to the same old moneyed lies, but now in broadband crapitude.

And don't let someone goad you into favoring a certain desired reality: "Democracy! Freedom! HappyTimeNiceness!" Allow me to tell you what democracy, freedom, and HappyTimeNiceness are apparently all about: They're about blowing people's brains out and making depleted uranium babies with eyeballs growing where their bellybuttons belong and poisoning your planet... all so that some people can have some more money and shiny baubles.

Those who would enslave you have convinced you of a bogus present reality, and they have sold you on the desirability of a future reality. The informationally consistent "thought bridge" between the two is known as the modern surveillance, police state. Ta da! There you go. You're in your jail cell and the door is closed. And you'll never get long as you live inside that model of reality.

But you can will the jail cell away. With the power of a thought, it disappears. Here's how you do it: You deny the realness of their proffered present reality, and you reject the desirability of their future reality. Poof!

"I don't think so" are four very powerful words.

(By the way: Remember a couple of years ago when some entry-level reality engineers in government smugly claimed that they were "creating reality?" I knew exactly what they were talking about. They were attempting to hijack your collective ability to create reality. But guess what? They weren't so smart as they thought they were. The Field desires something different. How do I know this? I'm communicating it to you, am I not? The thought bridge is created. I'm just here to notify you of it.)

So when you smash that jail cell with a thought, here's how you can avoid being put back into it: Follow those fundamental laws. Allow none other. (And I mean none other. Got it? There are to be no other earthly laws. How hard is that to understand?) Erect groups of guys with guns to enforce them. And keep some guns handy in case those groups of guys with guns get all uppity and decide to pass other laws.

It's really that simple. Freedom, prosperity, and harmony are achievable to the greatest degree possible when no government attempts to legislate the defense of crass material interests. And all laws other than those fundamental ten are, at their root, the defense of crass material interests...however they may be marketed.

And beware anyone who would attempt to eliminate these fundamental laws from your system of government. They are either very dangerous dupes or they are trying to enslave you. Either way, they're not good people to have around. Do not listen to them, regardless of whatever seductive argument they may use to abandon those laws.

There you have it. Ta Da! Spoken in the terms and language of the day. Yet again!

More later, perhaps. Right now I have to get to work and sell some Red Bull and beef jerky.