Thursday, June 15, 2006

Blackmailing of Congress

The reason why Congress is acting so strangely --voting in ways that seem inexplicably in contravention to all notions of national interest-- is because they are being blackmailed by intelligence agencies and the Israeli lobby.

You didn't see this on TV? I don't expect that you did. Shhhh, little one... go back to your show... Let the big people handle this...

You must morally and legally forgive all congresspersons for any and all past transgressions. Only then will they feel secure in restoring lawful government.

I forgive you all, and I demand the same of everyone else.

Now you will fulfill your oaths of office. Your very lives depend on it; the executive branch is preparing to eliminate you all. Is this something you can understand?

Oh, you won't restore lawful government by passing laws or any such silliness. The legislative system is non-functional. Your body no longer legally exists. You will need to invoke moral arguments made publicly. You had better blow your horn loud and long and soon, and without reservation. And if you don't, then I hold you in utter contempt as the cowards that you will have proven yourselves to be.

Got it?