Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I knew that guy was funny.

I have to share with you an interesting thing about joke development:

You may have a germ of something, some sort of protojoke that you want to try out. And then over a few days, it develops into something else.

One of my all-time favorite jokes is the simple title of "Supreme Leader of Cucka Land." And what makes it funnier is that Bill Kristol essentially wrote that joke. He uttered the words "Supreme Leader," which was just so patently asinine and cockamamie and every other conceivable notion of just complete ass...face...shit...thought... that the joke wrote itself. It just popped into existence in my brain as the elixir of life, the antidote.

It's like the most objectionable things just write their own jokes. I deliver the material I do . not because I'm "edgy," but because I'm lazy.

So thanks, Bill. You have seen to it that that dumbass will now be known forever and ever amen as The Supreme Leader of Cucka Land. Want to write any other jokes?