Friday, July 28, 2006

The AssBanana People go cucka now.

The Newtonian Physics Weirdo Brigade* will be appearing on C-SPAN 1 " 8PM EST (7PM CST) on Saturday, July 29th and then air again for the West Coast at 11pm EST (10pm CST)." They'll be talking about the 9-11 inside job. Story

Here you can see all those kookie physicists and engineers and whoever else who just completely does not get Newtonian Physics.

Or you can go back to the "blowhard establishment press." Your choice. As you were.

The space aliens are coming down. You know what that means...

And you, dear reader, are you on the right side of history? Might want to bone up on chaos theory...

(And by the way... Should there miraculously happen to be a "terrorist" event sometime soon, you'll know who to take into custody for the space aliens. ...And you'll know whose edicts you may lawfully ignore and repulse...)


*I don't mean to imply that this body of experts in any way approves of me or my snarkiness or that I had anything to do with this event.