Monday, July 10, 2006

Lab Analysis

Did you ever wonder what was really in HappyTimeLumLumProduct? It's this:

"[Of Baghdad] one international official told me of reports among his staff that a 15-year-old girl had been beheaded and a dog's head sewn on her body in its place; and of a young child who had had his hands drilled and bolted together before being killed."*

You've been sold poison. It was designed to kill you.

Your society is over. You know this, right?

For me, it's on to the salesmen. I will exact my revenge. You will watch. That is the relationship here.

And for your society, you might --oh, I don't know-- set about identifying your true enemy. ...It might be useful. And stuff.


*There's no way I can know this is true. But I suppose it can be as true as anything else I hear. And considering the dehumanizing savagery that is bred in war, if not this then something similar.

My conscience is clear. I go to bed each night with a smile on my face, content that I am doing all I can. I don't envy you the ghosts that will torture you for the rest of your lives.